Monday, December 8, 2014

Everybody Say Christmas


       We finally got around to getting Christmas in full swing. My dad was able to visit with us for a couple weeks and we have thoroughly been enjoying his company. Squeezing in everything and decorating while in the midst of potty training a toddler has it's challenges, but it has definitely been worth it.
      We took Xavier to the town tree lighting. He was very enthusiastic. He would cheer and say "YAY!" after all the Christmas carols. He loved when Mrs. Claus read the story of the night before Christmas and he likes to be near Santa. We have not tried taking his picture with Santa yet, as he usually does not like any human being in a costume of any sort. However, perhaps as Christmas gets closer he will warm up to the idea. He was excited to see Santa.

      He was able to help decorate a little bit this year. He enjoyed the Christmas music and would dance around and sing "Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas". We wanted him to help hang ornaments on the tree, but that did not go very well. He just did not grasp the hook concept or spreading them out. He managed to stuff four ornaments on the same branch and we decided it looked great and we should make Christmas cookies instead.

       I completely and utterly cheated with my cookies so much so that I bought the Pillsbury just put on a cookie sheet kind. However, they were delicious and he had fun putting them on the cookie sheet and just waiting ten minutes was the perfect timing for an inpatient toddler. He was very proud of his cookies. We are just now starting to have him help more with cooking and he really enjoys it.

      By the next day, Nick and I had finished decorating the tree and put up the village. Xavier has been overjoyed ever since all the decorations have been up. He talks about them all the time, he wears his Christmas hat and he is always singing. It is adorable to watch.
         I think the best part was when I wanted to take a picture of us in our Santa hats, so I aimed my iPhone at us, and said lets take a picture, and as we got into position, Xavier said "Everybody say Christmas!" and we all laughed.
          This is what the holiday season is about, spending extra time with family and bringing joy and love into each others lives.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful start to your week. Be sure to check Wednesday's sponsored post for a new giveaway!

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