Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014


    We had a lot of fun this Christmas. I'm not really sure Xavier got the true meaning of Christmas in anyone's belief, but he did understand presents! He loved unwrapping all the presents. He was excited no matter what was underneath the paper. Every time he unwrapped something he would say "it's's's a...BOX!" yes, that was one of his replies. One thing I thought was great, was how he was just as excited when grandma and grandpa, and Nick and I opened a present. He would get so excited to bring you a gift and watch you open it.

      He thoroughly enjoyed both Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner. He got to make Christmas cookies with grandma and dad which he ended up pretty much devouring the entire week of Christmas. I am not sure if he understood the Santa thing yet. However, I loved that during our grace for dinner he thanked for Christmas. "Thank you for Christmas" I thought that was a great way to sum up our Christmas. Thank you for Christmas, it is a time for giving, caring and sharing.

          I am offline this week due to New Year's but will be back in swing all next year with lots of more great posts! I hope you all have a fun, safe and happy new year filled with love!

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