Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Riddle


     I apologize for not writing as much. After Halloween I got hit hard by a stomach bug that apparently went around our neighborhood after Halloween. Luckily, it was contained to just me, but when mom is sick no one is ever very happy. Luckily, Nick was able to work from home while I was sick so I could rest. Needless to say I have a lot of catching up to do on housework, computer work and blogging.
     It always amazes me how quickly Xavier just learns things. Everyday it is something new. While I was catching up on things I admit I let Xavier watch television more than usual. However, I find it so fascinating now that he talks he tells me when he wants to watch television and when he doesn't.
        We do not have fancy anything, just basic cable. His channels are PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and Nickelodeon Junior. He typically likes Nickelodeon Junior, but lately he has switched and watched a lot of PBS Kids and Disney. I have to admit there are a lot of wonderful learning shows for children out there. I never said I was going to be a mom who did not let their kids watch television, but we do try to limit it. Now that he talks and knows how to turn on the television I am surprised as to how little he watches it and how great some of the shows really are. He learns so much from them. Gone are the days of cartoons just entertaining with mindless running around and jokes. Now all the shows demonstrate something of pertinent learning value. He learns numbers, letters, shapes, measurements, words, actions and what I find the most entertaining he relates his life somewhat around these cartoons. He understands the dad and mom and kids portrayal in the cartoons and how they help out as a family. We can mention a certain episode of a show and he remembers it and it helps to aid in talking about things.
       I knew for sure it was good for him to watch the television when the other day we were watching Dora The Explorer together. Dora said "Can you guess the answer to this riddle?" All I could think of was "Oh I suck at riddles" (which I really do). So here was Dora's riddle

"What goes up when the rain comes down?"

I had no clue and unlike most of the time, there were no hints. Just Dora and Boots staring at us through the television wondering what the answer to the riddle was.
      Apparently, Xavier picked up that this needed to be answered so he said "umbrella". To which I turned and looked at him astounded that he even had an answer, not to mention it ended up being the answer when Dora pulled the umbrella out of her backpack.
       I think my philosophy is everything in moderation and perhaps just a little more of Dora The Explorer, as apparently my child is learning a lot from television and used with parental supervision and in moderation it is an excellent teaching tool for young ones. So go ahead turn on a kids channel and sit down, watch, learn and interact with your children!


  1. I plan on being that way too. I will let my son watch some tv and they can learn a lot from it. But I also plan on keeping him busy with activities and crafts and the park. Right now, he's 5 months old, and I am guilty of "letting" him watch tv when he's on his play mat or on the couch with me. My fiance and I work opposite shifts so mostly I'm home alone, so I have the tv on for noise and for entertainment for me. Most of the time he pays no attention to it.

  2. That is great Amber. I think that not using any television deprives them of learning some things. I know we are big advocates for educational television in moderation for children as it has definitely helped Xavier. Sounds like you are one great mommy! :)



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