Friday, November 28, 2014

Sponsored Review: Valentia Even Glow Serum

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    As a stay at home mom I still love good cosmetics and pay even more attention now because I do not have a lot of time for myself to have a long beauty routine. I usually am not a fan of serums all that much as there are many all-in-one creams and oils now that I find them unnecessary.
      However, now with winter upon us and our skin being extra dry and in desperate need of some extra love I was willing to try out Valentia's new Even Glow Serum. Their promise to repair, refresh and renew my skin made it a perfect match to fit my wintry skin.
        Valentia skin care products have been formulated with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients that will repair and protect the skin. They are all alcohol and paraben free cosmetics. Valentia Cosmetics describes their new Even Glow Serum as
     " a proprietary blend of skin super oils that compliment our 20% Vitamin C Base, leading to a powerful antioxidant treatment. Each natural ingredient was chosen to support and enhance Vitamin C's efficiency on the skin, leading to a more well-rounded serum to add to your daily skin care ritual".
     Valentia's Even Glow Serum repairs, refreshes and renews your skin by restoring evenness to your complexion, and giving you an extra boost of confidence each time you look in the mirror.  The Even Glow Serum is made with Vitamin C, Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil, Resistem, Hyaluronic Acid and Green Tea Extract. It is known to even skin tone, increase your skin's glow and radiance, absorb rapidly, boost collagen production and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

      I first added this twice a day to my routine. It is best to use serums after cleansing and toning the skin, but before oils or moisturizers. Valentia's Even Glow Serum dries really fast and I only need around five drops for my entire face and neck. Right away it brightened my skin and within just a few days my skin was softer, smoother and looked healthier. I liked how it is not very oily it is mostly a mixture of oil and lotion so it is much easier to work with than most serums. It even helped clear up any acne that I had at the time.
      Valentia's Even Glow Serum is definitely a serum that I can and will keep in my beauty routine as it works so well for so many things. This also makes a great stocking stuffer for the holidays for any woman in your life. We all could use a little extra Vitamin C in the winter, think of it as a type of chapstick for your skin.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Valentia's Even Glow Serum 5 Stars!

You can buy your own Valentia Even Glow Serum exclusively at Amazon. It is sold in a 1.18 oz (35 mL) glass bottle with a dropper for only $35.00!

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