Monday, November 17, 2014

Painting and Play-Doh


      There is an amazing thing that happens when you become a parent you find other parents and you inspire your friends to be parents. Some of us have been friends for a while, some we met as new moms, but we all now have a common bond. Our common bond that we share especially at this moment is our toddlers.
      Toddlers forever need to be occupied. They are little sponges just dying for us to give them information about everything and anything. They are willing to try new things and do new things and learn about new things all the time. I wish I could bottle their energy and enthusiasm and use it when necessary.
         A few weeks ago I had a bunch of our good friends over with their toddlers. I decided instead of letting them just play together I would try a structured activity. It was definitely a learning experience, but it was hilariously fun and we cannot wait to do it again!
         Now that Xavier is two and a half he really is getting into art a lot more. He loves to color, draw and paint. I have been itching to get my art supplies back out, but with a baby in the house it just was not necessary. So I decided for our friends who were coming over we would do painting and Play-Doh. The ages were from one to Xavier's age. I bought some of Crayola's fantastic finger paints that are completely washable. (Trust me Xavier had a white shirt that came out white after washing it!). To make it more fun, I got a canvas for each child. I also gave them a cup of water and some old brushes with long handles to try different ways of painting.

         They all loved it! Of course, some more than others and it was funny to see each child's reaction. Some had to try out everything from all Xavier's toys, painting, Play-Doh and even outside toys. Others spent the majority of the time eating. I was amazed at the different ways they all played and expressed themselves. Some grabbed the paint and threw their entire hands and body into the painting. Some experimented with the brushes first then went to their hands. One started playing with the water. He poured it from cup to cup which sparked curiosity among the others. Only a couple tried out the Play-Doh. I am pretty sure all of them and their parents had a blast.

             Xavier was so excited that his friends were coming over to paint and play with him. He could not wait all day. It was so cute to actually hear him talk about how excited he was to play with each and every one of them. Afterwards he still kept talking about how much fun he had. I'm glad I was able to share this wonderful day with our friends and have a lot of fun.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

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