Thursday, November 6, 2014

Making Connections


      Xavier started talking nonstop pretty much after his second birthday. I am just now realizing just how much he has learned and picked up over the past two and a half years. He can now sing the alphabet song and Itsy Bitsy Spider complete with hand motions. He knows how to count to fifteen and what numbers and amounts are. He even knows his whole alphabet and knows certain words. We quiz him a lot now just out of curiosity to see what he knows. Of course when we quiz him with shapes that he also knows, he wants to quiz us as well so apparently Xavier would like to know the status of our knowledge as well.
       He is a huge lover of music. He likes to play any toy that has music. He has a record player he was playing with the other day. His new favorite song is London Bridges (I have no idea why). He was playing his record of London Bridges and he ran over to our (adult) keyboard that you can play like a piano or you can turn on and by pushing different number combinations such as 22 you can play a song. There's over 300 songs you can play on it. Apparently, Xavier figured out the exact number combination for the keyboard to play London Bridges and has it memorized, because as soon as he played the record he ran right over to the keyboard, turned it on, hit the number key for London Bridges both were playing and he was dancing around the living room laughing.
        Sponges! That's what toddlers are, so be careful parents what they see and hear they do. Remember set the bar high. Be who you want your child to try to be and perhaps they will end up soaring even higher.


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