Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get Out And Vote


  If you are a resident of the United States of America get out and vote! Countries fight for the right to be able to voice their opinion on politics and constantly in our polls people do not even bother to vote. Especially since this is not a Presidential election people think it does not matter very much. However, it does matter, these are people who represent where you live. They can help make laws for your community.
           I do not care what side you are on, but everyone has a voice and voting is using your voice. Xavier is two and a half and believe it or not this is his third election. He has voted in the Presidential primaries, the Presidential election and now this election. I was so proud as he stood there and held my hand quietly while I voted. Plus, he managed to get a ton of "I Voted" stickers from the nice people who were so excited to see a child.

     Showing your children that your country matters to you is an important lesson. One of the best things you can do is to take your children to the polls with you and show them that you do care and you want your voice to be heard.
        Get out there and vote!

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