Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fighting Nightmares


 Just when we get moving to a toddler bed done and Xavier sleeping well into the night. He has started getting nightmares. Apparently it is common between the ages of two to four.
       It is so odd as when we go in his room due to him crying, instead of him immediately jumping to us we actually have to move him and make sure he is awake. Then, instead of calming him down he usually will say "Hi Mommy" and I have to put him back to sleep. It is very odd, compared to how I am used to running in from a cry of his.
    I did find that the best way to wake him up is by sitting him up in bed. As the shaking or poking him may make the night terror worse. Usually once I sit him up in bed and rub his back and talk to him he wakes up. I then put him back to sleep and kiss him good night. Luckily, they are random night terrors. He could go nights without any and some nights he may have a bunch. I have found no rhyme or reason for them, but this just goes to show that once you have a child, you have no sleep, as they will never sleep through the night. Good thing I am a night person!

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