Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Explaining Thanksgiving

  After all the fun of explaining Halloween, I have to admit it was a pretty hard sale to get Xavier excited about Thanksgiving. It is very hard trying to explain to a toddler what Thanksgiving means in a nutshell without getting into a whole big story. I mainly settled on informing him that it is a day when all of our family gets together and eats a big meal together and we say "thanks prayer together". I also mentioned we eat some of his favorites like turkey, mashed potatoes, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin pie. (He loves to eat at Thanksgiving).
     For about a week that was sufficient enough answer for him. Then, the second week he kept waking up and asking if it was Thanksgiving. So to further his excitement and to get him to perhaps focus on other things until the big day I mentioned that his Papa and Grandma are coming to visit for Thanksgiving. He was very excited. I am not sure that was such a good idea, because now he just keeps saying "Papa and Grandma are visiting me", "Cleaning room for Papa and Grandma", "Gonna play toys with Papa and Grandma", "Gonna eat turkey with Papa and Grandma" and so on and so forth.
        Needless to say Thanksgiving has been a challenge to try to explain. There are not even any shows that really talk very much about Thanksgiving. We tried A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but he lost interest quickly in it.
    Now he is seeing Christmas in stores and on television and has already mentioned "Christmas tree?". Needless to say the holidays at the Arbia's are going to be very comical this year. I look forward to seeing the toddler wonder that comes along with them!

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