Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What's That? Oh, It's Commercialism.


      It's amazing that as human beings we manage to take something that is completely 100% natural and find a ton of expensive, unnecessary items that we convince ourselves we need for it. When women are pregnant, the mailing lists, email lists and coupon lists start. You are shown hundreds of items you need to register for in order to get the baby.
       Once the baby is born more items are needed. You keep being bombarded with kid stuff forever. It did seem to simmer down for a while after Xavier turned two. For a little while we did not get as many mailers, coupons or emails. For a little while the commercialism of having to buy things for our child seemed to stop.
       Then, I saw commercialism pop up again in a spot I had not thought of it appearing in quite so early. Commercialism showed up in my child. He saw a certain snack cup that is frequently advertised on his channel of television that he watches. We were in the store, he saw it on the shelf said "OH snack cup" (only he said the exact advertised name) grabbed it and asked if he could put it into the cart. I said "no" and to "put it back", but it amazed me that at two he is already influenced so much by advertising.
       Sure, you have to advertise and perhaps it's because his channel only has two commercials a show and they are always the same commercial. Perhaps it was because it was on a shelf exactly Xavier's eye level and prominently displayed. However, it did not stop me from realizing how easily everyone young and old can get sucked into buying things they see just because they think they "need" it.
        So far it has not been a real problem with Xavier. He will ask to put something in the cart and if we say "no put it back" he does with out even complaining. I hope that he always remembers that no matter how full that cart is, it is not what matters most.

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