Monday, October 20, 2014



 Since the slowly approaching holiday of Halloween, we have been cautiously trying to "scare" or more likely "surprise" our toddler as much as possible. We are excited to take him trick or treating. He even has been practicing knocking on our doors with his bag and saying "trick treat" and "thank you". BEWARE if you have M&M's he loves those!
     We have been putting masks on ourselves and him. Running around and saying "boo!". Trying to explain what a "ghost" is to a two year old has definitely been challenging. However, it is a huge holiday that we love so we are having fun surprising at every turn. Luckily, Xavier has been very receptive to Halloween and surprises and even enjoys them.
     With the world of surprises going on in our home we took it outside the house this past weekend and even drove two hours to surprise Xavier's Aunt and cousin on his birthday! Xavier seemed just as excited of the surprise as they were.
      There is always lots of fun and love in surprises. Try to surprise someone you love this week, you may be surprised how much you may make their day!

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