Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sponsor WeWork: Show Your Work Space


      I guess you would assume as a stay at home mom I do not have a work space. However, I have always been a writer at heart. I started this blog on the couch in the living room on my laptop. It grew and grew and I needed a spot. So we cleared out a corner of our bedroom and put up a work space for my blog.
        As the years have gone by, my blog writing turned into full time writing. As now not only do I blog, but I also do a lot of freelance writing for many platforms.
        They say you should not mix business and pleasure and you should not have "work items" in your bedroom, but our house is only so big. We are in the process of renovating our garage into an actual room with a bathroom and two desks, filing system and shelves for my husband and my, work from home office. Until that happens, I am in my work space in the bedroom.

         I do like working out of the bedroom. Our house is one story so it is easy to pop in the bedroom and answer a few emails or type a couple things while Xavier is napping or playing by himself. You cannot beat the convenience factor. Also, I love how we incorporated it into the decor of the bedroom. We used a dark wood desk and one of my favorite features is the old telephone chair. I even have a pencil holder that is the only piece of pottery I have ever made. The most special thing I love about my work space is in the books is a small journal that used to belong to my grandmother. She did not write anything original in it, but she wrote many things that she found inspiring in it. I love to sit and read it when I need inspiration.

      If I ever made the ultimate dream work space. I would love to have a chaise lounger. They are just perfect for writing on. You are upright but can still relax your legs and type on your laptop. Also, I think some really cool lighting would be nice. I only have one lamp and I usually turn the bathroom light on for extra light. People underestimate how important light is not only for your eyes when you are working, but also for great ambiance.
      All in all it is great to have a space that feels like my own. I think that is what the ultimate work space really is. It is a place where someone feels like themselves so they are able to be themselves and create whatever it is that they love to create. WeWork is a company that transforms buildings into beautiful collaborative work spaces and provide infrastructure services, events and technology so that entrepreneurs and small start-ups can focus on doing what they love. They make sure that everyone has the ultimate work space that they need!
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