Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sometimes Time Stops

    We were rushing around getting ready to go out to a friend's house for a party. A fun party with lots of kids and fun for both adults and toddlers. We were excited for Xavier to go. Of course, the day of the party Xavier decided to sleep in extra late on his nap. I had to wake him up so we could go. I walked into his room and saw this...

My heart just stopped and for that moment I looked at the gorgeous sun streaming through his curtains and his sweet little face sound asleep in bed. I hated to wake him, but knew he would be glad of all the fun he will have.
         Of course, since I had to wake him anyway, I grabbed Nick and made him see our precious angel, quietly beautiful. Then, I snapped a bunch of pictures of him. Funny thing is, he finally woke up and smiled and got right up and dressed without a problem. Some days are just magical and it really feels like we are on a stopped world at least for a little while.

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