Monday, October 13, 2014



    I would like to introduce you to our new favorite friend, Charlotte. No, Charlotte is NOT real, she is plastic. The other day Nick and I decided to take Xavier to get his hair cut and run some errands afterwards. I told this to Xavier and he was excited.He usually likes to get his hair cut. It's about the only time he gets lollipops so he loves it. However, when we pulled up and parked the car he started crying and did not want to get his hair cut. Of course, we could have wrestled with him and forced him to go, but frankly this was the start of a long day of errands for us so having him in a good mood was definitely our benefit. So I told him if he got his hair cut he could pick out a toy at the toy store next door afterwards.
          Please Note: The "toy store" next door is The Dollar Tree, but that is not to say that they do not have cool toys. Many cars, dinosaurs and coloring books are from The Dollar Tree so that is why I offered the toy.

      He sat perfectly still and got a great haircut and we walked over to the toy store and Xavier was in the toy aisle for a long time. He carefully looked over the cars, the dinosaurs, the books, and he finally settled with something in the large plastic animal collection. He looked like he was deciding between a lion and an elephant when suddenly he dropped them both and grabbed this large plastic brown thing that turned out to be a spider the size of my hand. I had no idea why he picked the spider but my two year old had taken long enough to decide I was not going to argue. So we paid for it and he carried it out.

        When we were in the car. He was hugging it and playing with it. I was surprised as to how much he really loved the spider. I asked him what the name of his spider was, Xavier answered "Charlotte", then hugged "Charlotte". Nick and I looked at each other. He had just watched Charlotte's web the other day. I thought it was adorable that he liked the movie so much that he even wanted a "Charlotte" of his own.

       Needless to say "Charlotte" has been around a lot lately. You are liable to find her on the floor anywhere, on the couch or in bed. Sometimes even the bathroom. However, just when I get annoyed at startling myself over a giant plastic spider, I see him reading to her, feeding her and putting her down for a "nap". How amazing little sponges children are. I am so glad my son already knows how amazing spiders are and to respect all living creatures.

I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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