Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Toddler Room

Xavier loves his new book nook!

      Our house is not big enough for Xavier to have his own playroom. I really did not mind him playing in the living room because it was much easier to keep an eye on him. However, now that he is two and a half he is more independent and wants to play by himself more and explore more and be away from me even more. So that desire to explore mixed with the mountain of toys that were starting to take over our living room made me decide that it was time he have a big boy room.

The wall where the crib was before make over.

The same wall now as a toddler room. Notice the book nook is to the left and toys to the right.
       We were getting ready to switch him to a toddler bed anyway it was important to me to be able to make his room a place where he can relax, play and create wonderful memories in. I wanted to make sure he had access to everything he would want. He is able to get any of this toys, clothes, and books. The only things I kept up high were old toys or books from Nick or my childhood and some breakable things.

Too many toys that did not fit on shelves. Plus the shelves were too high for Xavier to reach anything on them.
We added free standing shelves on the left, then moved the wall shelves to fit bins for toys.
      We really made a point to utilize an entire wall for his toys. We made use of individual shelving, wall shelving, a desk and a giant tub that we have a loose board on that comes on and off with ease. We moved Xavier's crib out and toddler bed in and switched the wall where the bed and changing table were. Since we are in the midst of potty training hopefully his dresser will soon be used for more toy space so we thought it better on that side to keep all the toys in one area away from the sleeping and resting area.

Wall when this was a nursery.

Big boy bed!

       Finally, we ended up with a tiny corner that I did not know what to do with for a little while. As you can see in the pictures it is bare. We decided to make it a reading nook for Xavier. We put his couch, a little throw rug, a bucket of books, some stuffed animals, his record player and bookshelves in the nook. The bookshelves are rain gutters that we had custom cut to our measurements to make sure that they fit properly. Xavier loves being able to reach all his books now and look at them on his couch whenever he wants.

Xavier's book nook!

Xavier's musical play instruments. Keyboard complete with mixer, guitar and drums!
       The entire time we were redecorating his room, he helped and would get so excited to move more toys into his room. You could really see how excited he was to realize that now this room is his place to be and do whatever he wants to do!

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