Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Library


  When you are a parent you are always excited to be able to do different things for the first time with your child. You get to experience the childlike wonder and anticipation all at once. As silly as it sounds for this writer/avid reader and parent, taking my child to the library was one of my big things to do with Xavier when he was old enough. We have been reading together since birth and usually multiple times and books per day. If you do not have a reader at home check out my post 10 Tips To Help Your Child Become A Reader.
     Xavier finally got to the point where he knows inside voice and outside voice. He knows how to behave in stores and when we are out in public. We finally decided to take him to the library. I could not have been more excited and proud. As soon as I took him in the children's room he was all excited and of course I had to quiet him down but he understood. He loved looking at and reading the books with me. When it came time to choose one he took forever and pulled nearly every book off the shelf to see them all. I tried to point him in the right direction and we finally settled on a book about a cat and a dog.
       Xavier was in love with the book for the two weeks we borrowed it. My husband and I were afraid that he would not want to give it back and had found a copy on Amazon and was putting it on hold in case we would need to buy one and in case Xavier was not really ready for the library. However, a few days before we brought it back he was asking to read different books instead of that one. It was almost as if he knew he had to say good bye. It was really important to me to show him that he is borrowing the book. (The back up was only for a total meltdown and we never ended up purchasing it).
        We pulled up to the library and I let him drop it in the box outside. He did not have any problem at all. He even said good bye to the book. Then, he promptly went in and picked another selection. It was a children's reference book on Marsupials. Yes, my child has odd taste, but he picked it and liked it.

         We also found the library a great way to try out movies on Xavier. He is now getting to the point where he will watch the 45 minute movies he has. So we thought we would try some of the classics especially since it was free. His first movie was Toy Story. He loved it and watched a good majority of it sometimes playing in the room where it was. The great thing about the movie was he already had a lot of the toys in it such as a dinosaur, Mr. Potato Head and a small Woody and Buzz figurine that goes on his trains. I can see a much bigger Woody and Buzz may be needed in the future as it was a favorite.
       People always say libraries are a dying thing. However, they have been around for ages and have countless information, movies and even ebooks to keep themselves up to date on new information. I am so glad we have a wonderful library in our town that we can take advantage of as much as we like especially since we live so near to it. Now that I know how much Xavier likes it we will be definitely making this more of a habit so mommy has more variety to read to Xavier! Be sure to check out your local library with your kids you will be glad you did!

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