Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Talking, Talking and More Talking


     It is no secret that since the day I brought Xavier home from the hospital we knew he would be a talker.  At three days old he would coo, gurgle and make as much noise as he could. He continued always making sounds. Always trying to join our conversations, talk during television shows, answer questions and sing-a-long with the music that we play. However, up until now, it was just babbling. Nothing really that you could make out. Then, slowly each day more and more words poured out.
    In the past couple weeks, our son apparently now has a full vocabulary. Why? How did it happen so fast? I have no clue, other than he repeats anything and everything. We are now at the point that when people are around my son I have to use the mommy language of "Please watch what you say", not just to be polite as I do not want my child hearing a ton of profanity, but now because he literally will repeat it right after you say it. The hard part is you never know what exactly what will be repeated. You may say "Oh s#@&, I dropped the spoon" and perhaps he will say "Uh Oh, spoon" or he could say the swear word.
     I now listen to him talk all day everyday. When I turn on the music, he sings with the music, if I turn on the television he talks to or with the show. (It is always kids television we are G rated while Xavier is up). I literally have had the "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" and when I say "Yes, Xavier" even though in my head I want to say "WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU WANT!" he always says "Trains" or something similar that has no meaning to me what so ever, but I always act interested because someday it will have meaning and be important. So I say "Wow! That sounds like fun I'm glad you are playing trains" and he happily goes off to sing and say "choo choo" a million times in his room that I can hear over the baby monitor.
      I never worried about Xavier talking Nick and I are big talkers and always are constantly talking our friends usually have to ask us to be quiet so I am definitely not surprised. However, I never realized that you go from completely tuning out noises from our kids to having to really tune in and actually listen and pay attention.
       All the babbling, gurgling and toddler speak I could not understand I tended to ignore. It was in my ears, but I was not actively listening. In fact I actively listen for quiet. Every parent knows if it's quiet your child is up to something. However, now that Xavier does have things to say. He does have an opinion, he does have needs that he will tell you about, he does have things he wants to do.
          I realize that we now have an active contributor to our family. Who not only is here to offer love, to help with chores, to enrich our lives but is also here to tell us Xavier's views on life! I am not sure if I am ready to hear everything he has to say, but I am willing to listen. After all there is nothing better than hearing "Good Night Mommy, I love you!"

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