Monday, September 29, 2014

Saying Grace


    Being mostly Italian heritage we are very much into eating meals together as a family. We usually try to have breakfast and dinner together every day as much as we can. It really has been great to connect, to have a fun thing to always do as a family, and it has definitely come in handy for teaching Xavier to eat and have good table manners.
     For most of my life Grace was not said before a meal. It was if it was a holiday, special occasion, or big get together which was usually like a once a week thing. When Nick and I married we never really bothered much with it. I guess it just seemed silly for two people to say. I deemed it more of a "family" type thing to do. So we stopped saying Grace.
      After having Xavier we have become much more spiritual in our religion and have done many more celebrations and traditions than we usually would do. However, I do love involving him in our spirituality even if it is little by little. Just when I catch him doing something we do spiritual it makes me smile because I know we must be doing something right.
      For a few days we watched my nephews who are around 11 and 7 years old. They usually say Grace before every single meal. They also rotate who says Grace. I am no idiot I realize that saying Grace is exciting for them because they get to talk out loud for a little while and every adult and child has to listen to them. As a theater person there is a slight fun high out of being able to do that. So it is no wonder children love to say Grace especially if it rotates to their turn. So for every meal we all held hands put our heads down, closed our eyes and listened to a child say their version of Grace. I loved their versions so much better. They do not just thank for the food, they thank for the company, their family, the day they are having everything. Then, when we all undo our hands and open our eyes a fun smile just meets and for one moment we were all connected and thinking the same thing.
        After my nephews left. Xavier would still hold Nick and my hand every time we had a meal. He would close his eyes and bow his head and expect one of us to say Grace. We started saying Grace. We now say it for every meal. We started when Xavier was not talking very much. He always closed his eyes and put his head down, but never said anything. Then, one day while Nick was saying Grace, we basically say "Thank you for our family, home and food" Xavier said "Car"! Nick and I tried not to laugh and quickly finished and opened our eyes and he was so excited to have helped with saying Grace.
      It happened again the next day. Nick was away for work and Xavier and I were having lunch together. I started to say Grace and Xavier said "Dada". He now does it every time one of us is with out the other. Sometimes he adds our pets in or the car or even our house one time. In fact it makes Grace more interesting because you never know what he is thankful for and he may just surprise you. I am glad we decided to keep saying Grace there is nothing wrong with being thankful for everything that you have.

I hope you all have a great week!

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