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Review: Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood In A Hostile World

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    Many parents are now turning to read new parenting tips and tricks from books, blogs and online resources. Parents do not have the community or large family near by them as much as they used to so they are left up to their own ideas on how to raise children.
    A new parenting book has come out this year by author, Johann Christoph Arnold called Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood In A Hostile World. Johann Christoph Arnold is the author of several other books including, but not limited to, Why Children Matter, Seeking Peace and Cries From The Heart. Johann's books have helped more than a million readers through the challenges of education and family life. In his book Their Name Is Today he talks about the drastic changes in the way that our society treats our own children. Johann is a big defender of every child's right to the joy and wonder of childhood.
     Being an avid reader, writer and parent I was very intrigued and interested in reading Johann's book. It is a nice light paperback of about 165 pages. I found it to be a great parenting book in the fact that it does not give you specific things on what to do. It gives you main philosophies to follow when you are raising your children. He has many quotes, facts and ideas from other parents, philosophers and educators, yet the language is easy to follow and the book flows very nicely so it is a read that really gives you some great ideas, philosophies and strategies about how to change your way of thinking while you are raising your children.
    For the most part we tend to raise Xavier in the way that he portrays in the book. However, there were  many things I loved about the book and that I found both helpful and interesting to read. Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed that it was not a "TO DO" parenting book it was simply changing your perspective on parenting. There are ten chapters which just by reading the titles you can get an idea of some of the main points that he talks about in the book, such as; The World Needs Children, Play Is A Child's Work, Great Expectations, Screening Out, Material Child, Actions, Not Words, Guidance To Grow, In Praise of Difficult Children, Discovering Reverence and Tomorrow Comes.
       I believe his central theme in the book is that the world needs children more than they need us.   We cannot make our children wait until tomorrow they are growing and forming now. He talks about how we as a society are so fueled by money, but yet hardly any of it goes into childcare centers and schools. That children are always last on our list whether in society or even at home. I love how he says "Parenting should not be viewed as an insurmountable financial risk or a great emotional and psychological burden....But it does need a heart of love for children and a willingness to sacrifice for them."
      I only really found a couple issues with the book, but nothing at all that would have deterred me from reading it or stopped me from reading it. I do think the author finds our world a lot more hostile than it really is. I would like to think if he sees such wonderful things in children than that should create hope that our world can only ever be so hostile. However, I did like how he said many of us have lost the meaning of joy in our life and I did find that very truthful in our world today. I also do not agree with Chapter Four, Screening Out where they talk about technology and how bad it is for children. If you are a reader of my blog you will realize I am a fan of teaching children technology. This is what they will have to learn to live and work on in the future and it is important to teach them that. I do believe everything should have a balance though and if you have children who are already addicted to technology or close to it, this chapter can be helpful. However, I never think it is a good idea to cut off children from technology all together. I find balance is the key with everything with children.
     All in all I think this is one of my favorite parenting books. I love that fact that it is more from a philosophical approach than just telling you what to do as a parent. It allows you to still use your instincts and make your own decisions, yet still challenges us as parents to see things from a very different perspective. Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Their Name Is Today Reclaiming Childhood In A Hostile World by Johann Christoph Arnold 5 stars!

         I believe this book is a must read for all parents there is so much valuable information in it. It should be a staple in the parenting world. So go out and grab one for yourself and a parent you know!

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