Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Music Man

 To the best father a girl could ever have! This post is written for you, Happy Birthday! I love you!

      Fathers are amazing individuals. They are known for their funny antics, their disciplinary tactics and their special way of calming all the children and women in their households. I know as a daughter, my father and I were very close and shared a variety of interests.
     My dad having two daughters taught us that we can be anything we want to be. We learned how to take out the garbage, plumb the toilet and mow the yard. We also always would talk about our interests to each other. My dad would talk about science and gardening and I would talk about dance or drama club. However, one interest that has stuck with us since the beginning is music.

     Music was there when I was a baby and dad would play the guitar for us or even play music on the speakers for us. He taught me to love the notes of music by showing me the piano and helping me with music class projects. We would look up composers and listen to their music together.
     One of my most treasured memories was when I received my first record player. I was ten and we had recently moved and I got a new room. Dad had an extra record player to put in my room. I'm pretty sure the giant wooden speakers, amplifier, record player and records took up an entire wall of my bedroom but it was amazing. Not only did I receive a record player but records of all different kinds. I remember The Chipmunks, The Secret Garden, A Christmas Songs Record, Cindi Lauper, Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis and the News and Air Supply. He wanted to make sure I had quite the variety.

    We spent many hours listening to his Beatles albums together, along with many other classic rock. He listened to my theater recordings of Rent, Into The Woods. In fact he liked Phantom of The Opera so much I bought him his own one year.

      It was not just listening to music my dad helped me play music, he helped me play the piano, the saxophone, the giant baritone saxophone when I was about the size of it myself, the guitar and be a great singer. We directed choirs and bands together in church. We organized and rewrote songs for special masses. My dad and I not only listened to music together we created music together.

     Xavier is now learning about musical instruments and how they work and he has such a passion in him that I see from the relationship of my dad and I. It is an amazing legacy to pass on to a child. The passion for music.

         Thank you dad for your legacy of music! Must be because you and Bruce Springsteen share the same birthday! Happy Birthday!

 Enjoy Papa and Xavier on their first piano lesson!

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