Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Toy Day


    How I love being the mom of a little boy so very much. I do not know why boys get such a bad representation. I have had nothing but joy raising Xavier and the things he comes up with and does never ceases to amaze me. I assume you have all read my post Construction Sites and Toddlers which talks about how much more fun waiting in traffic during construction is due to a toddler who is in total excitement at all the construction vehicles.
     Last weekend we went with some good friends of ours and their toddler son to Big Toy Day where the town got out all the firetrucks, police cars, ambulances, helicopters, planes and other emergency vehicles and parked them in a big field so kids can come with their families and climb in them, touch them, learn about them and have a blast. Of course, they had the bouncy house, funnel cakes and stuff as well.
          Xavier and his buddy had a blast exploring all the vehicles and watching the plans take off. He really seemed to like the helicopter! Even though it was rainy and muddy it was definitely a fun "boy" kind of day! I am so appreciative for the wonderful boys and men in my life. Check out the pictures of our fun day.

Special thanks to our good friend, Diana for taking all the great pictures. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend and have an even better week!

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