Thursday, August 7, 2014

World Stop Spinning

     What is it with our children that gives them this huge pull over us? It is such a gravitational pull of pure unconditional love. It seems like everyday that I wake up Xavier has turned into a new person. Everyday it is something new that he says or does. The little "thank yous", the way he kisses you when he wakes you up, the way he asks for a "hug" and wraps his little arms tight around your neck and will not let you go.
     I am here with him everyday and yet I still cannot get enough of it. I just know that each precious moment is important. We may never have these exact moments ever again. So I always just wish for a second that the world would just STOP, and everything would pause and we could just stay in a moment and not lose a single second.

       Of course, that is what we do, we do not stop, we keep going, growing, and spreading as much love as we can. We do not stop the world from spinning we learn to spin with it. We learn to roll with the punches because for every bad bump there is a phenomenal one just around the corner.
            So let's keep spinning and spinning for I know that that pull that our children have over us? It is never gone, it never fades. Neither in life nor death. We will always feel their little souls with us for ever. Xavier has forever changed our life and I am so glad that he has become a part of ours. I look forward to all the adventures we still have together.

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  1. It only gets better. My girls are teens now and we have more fun than ever, only on a different level. People used to tell me it goes by fast and even though I believed them and tried to savor every moment, it still is faster than you can imagine.

    1. Thanks Kevin, it's nice to know that we will always have a fun and special bond no matter how old our children get. :)



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