Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Magical Kiss and Blow Method

     Once you find that your little one has turned into a running, jumping, scrambling, tantrum throwing, climbing on everything toddler you are going to have a lot of bumps and bruises headed your way. Not all bumps and bruises need to be attended to. In fact sometimes the worse they sound the better off your toddler is. However, it is inevitable that sooner or later your toddler will come up to you with a bumped head, arm, leg, you name it and will want some sort of solace. There may not even be a red spot and you may not even be able to tell anything happened. However, we all know that although we may have just bumped our head we are fine, but a toddler does not know that,  so they come to you for solace.
       For generations when a child fell and hurt them self and it was not bad enough for a cry, but it was bad enough that they could not shake it off and had to come to you for solace, moms and dads used the old method of making it better with a kiss. Did you know that there actually is some science to this? The sensation of the kiss distracts from the pain. Do you know what is even better than a kiss? A kiss and a light blow on the affected area. Believe it or not the mixture of the kiss and light blow make for two different sensations making your child completely distracted from the pain and you do not have much to do except offer some cuddles.
      We have gotten to the point now Xavier bumps his knee walks over to me and asks for a kiss and blow I do it and he is off running onto his next adventure. In fact the other day it was so adorable as he crashed two cars into each other purposely and then he kissed them each and blew on them to make them feel better. We have tremendous success with the kiss and blow method at our house I hope it works as well for you too!

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