Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stay Strong Mama


Stay strong mama though you are tired and weary.
Stay strong mama though your body aches and you cannot think clearly.
Stay strong mama if not for yourself for your child.
Your struggles may seem tumultuous, but in the long run they are mild.
Even though your children may not eat the food you cook,
remember they have no idea how long it took.
Their little faces only know you were not by their side,
watching and playing with them through every stride.
Stay strong mama for you cannot always stay, 
but remember to make up for time with play.
Stay strong mama when stopping your child who may hit, kick or shove.
Show them through your discipline the power of love.
Stay strong mama as your child acts out and is smug.
Remember in a little while they will just need a kiss and a hug.

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