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Giveaway & Review: VeggieTales Celery Night Fever

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      VeggieTales are a collection of shows and movies for young children. They basically have a bunch of vegetables dancing around and singing and showing different lessons. This BRAND NEW movie VeggieTales Celery Night Fever was just released this week, because the VeggieTales are making a come back to the television screen. You will be seeing more and more of their movies popping up in the next several months and Netflix will be streaming a new VeggieTales series.
       I was asked to review this movie with Xavier. Xavier loves anything that has music in it so I thought it would be a great fit, plus I admit I like the seventies outfits and the message they were trying to accomplish. I do not have much prior knowledge of VeggieTales as we have never watched them. I remember hearing their name and I believe when I was young and babysat I vaguely remember watching it with some children. However, now that Xavier was the correct age for it I thought for sure he would love a new, fun, musical movie.
       Celery Night Fever is about friendship and forgiveness. Basically Celery Park is being turned into a parking lot. The idea to save it is to bring a long-lost 70s band to play as a fund raiser for the park. It teaches that best friends should forgive each other and accept each others faults. It features six original songs.  The dvd is not rated and it runs approximately 45 minutes.
      I must say that all three of us sat down to watch this movie and it was very hard to get through not to mention trying out the special features. Let's just say it was a waste of our 45 minutes.  I am definitely not a fan of VeggieTales. I think perhaps they should leave some shows alone and create some new shows instead of trying to bring back the old ones. I am not even sure where to begin.
         First of all, the digital quality compared with the digital quality of most kids dvd's versus the price is not very good. Our Peppa Pig dvd has better graphics. The music was boring, and the story was even worse. Xavier did not like any of it and barely even played in the room that it was playing in. He was bored very quickly with it as were Nick and I but I insisted on watching it all to give a proper review.
         Not only is the digital and musical quality not up to standards of most kids dvds, but neither is the story line. Young children cannot understand a story about a band from the 70s getting together even though they are mad at each other. It is much too big of a concept for young minds to grasp. They do not understand a 30 year difference. They barely get a month's difference. Not to mention I thought it awful that the little carrot drops her friend asparagus over some silly thing. Of course, they learn forgiveness, but not until poor asparagus apologizes numerous times to carrot. In my opinion if a friend treats Xavier like that, that is not a friend and he should move on. I also found it odd that the only fundraiser the carrot could come up with was reuniting her grandfather's band? Sure, that is a concept most young kids come up with to save a park. (note: the added sarcasm here) Not to mention save a park???? Really? You could not come up with a better plot than that?
        Lastly, I am sorry to say I do not buy into the whole VeggieTales at all. A bunch of vegetables walking around does not make me see how it will make it easier to get my child to eat them. Won't Xavier be upset eating a carrot now? Plus, none of them have arms or legs, yet, they manage to play instruments? I also thought it a little much that at the end they even put the Bible verse that they were using for the entire movie. Really? You are pushing the Bible and vegetables? No wonder this movie is no fun and stinks.
      There are tons of great children's programming on television, public broadcasting (especially), internet, streaming and dvds. I would not add this to my collection. The only reason I understand if you buy this dvd is if you already have a little VeggieTale fan at home. I am a mom first and foremost and I do believe if your child truly likes VeggieTales than this is exactly for them.This dvd is no different than what the VeggieTales normally do (after doing my own research) and if your little one loves them you can  look forward to all the other new VeggieTale releases coming out soon.
       As for myself and my family we will be keeping our vegetables on our plates for now. Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives this dvd 1 Star! That star is only for the IF YOUR CHILD LOVES VEGGIETALES THEY WILL LOVE THE MOVIE.

If you would like to purchase the DVD copy of VeggieTales Celery Night Fever you can buy it from Amazon for $9.96 .

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  1. Sounds like a great DVD! I know of a few kids who would enjoy watching this movie :)

  2. I am so excited that so many of you love the Veggie Tales. Even though I rated it as one star I gave only my opinion and I love that as moms we are all able to decide for ourselves if it is something that would work for our family. I hope this DVD makes some child very happy! Remember more are going to be released in the coming months and they will be starting a new series on Netflix!



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