Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Etiquette, Empathy and Compassion

      Children always have a way of bringing the best out in people. Everyone at least acknowledges that children learn better by seeing than hearing. They learn faster to say "please and thank you" if you say it in your everyday language than if you just told them to always say it. So in the presence of children you usually get adults on their best behavior. People try not to swear, try not to fight, try to be respectful to each other. People try to "treat others the way you would like to be treated" at least in front of children.
       Only you, know what you, do when your children are not around. However, if you have children, I ask that you consider working on your etiquette for the sake of your children. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world when we are older if young people gave up seats on trains for the elderly, opened doors for woman with children, and helped those in need? That is what we need to do now. In order to show our children how to have etiquette, empathy and compassion, we have to exhibit it in our normal everyday lives.
        The best way to show your child etiquette, empathy and compassion is by offering it to them. Don't just say "clean up your toys" to your child say "Please, clean up your toys" and when they are done, thank them. Wouldn't you want the same respect? People forget that just because they are children it does not mean that they are lesser of a person than you are.
          Children do what they see so if you treat them as you want them to treat you, they will reciprocate. It is important to instill etiquette, empathy, and compassion into our next generation. Besides I have to admit since Xavier has randomly been saying "thank you" for things it is really nice to be thanked for a diaper change once in a while and I always remember to say "Your very welcome".

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