Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Repeated Story

     They say in your life of raising a child when they become a toddler they go through a phase where they like to repeat the same things. So far we have been lucky, other than certain television shows that Xavier watches he does not have anything that he clings to or insists he do.
    Until now, the funny thing is, I know it is from myself. You see as a child I loved the book Mr. and Mrs. Button's Wonderful Watchdogs by Janice Brustlein. I made my parents read it to me, I made my sister read it to me and I finally read it to myself many, many times. I kept that exact book where in the front cover it has my maiden name in my own small child writing. To be able to read to my own children someday.

   Someday has come and I have started reading some of my old story books to Xavier as he now likes to sit and listen to longer stories.  It has now become Xavier's favorite book. Every night he asks for it and insists on reading it. I am able to still be able to read different books the rest of the day and for nap time, but not for bedtime he only wants the book about the "doggies and kitties". I guess that just goes to show you, that your child is destined to act like you, no matter what, so always be on your guard.

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