Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Toddler And A Hose

    It is summer in the south and we are seeing hotter and hotter temperatures. However, we are trying our hardest to make sure Xavier plays outside as much as possible. Many parents do not realize how important outside time is for babies to teenagers. Just a connection with nature, physical activity can help balance a child of any ages' emotions and there is an extra feel good bonus if there is a parent playing along.
     We have been trying to stay cool by playing more in the evening hours before bedtime. We even decided we love evening beach visits much better. Around three in the afternoon we go to the beach until about seven and we eat dinner on a picnic blanket and play until the sun goes down. When we are home we usually go outside after dinner and bring out the kiddie pool and sprinkler along with the good old fashioned hose. Xavier loves playing in the water and the mud especially.
      Xavier loves the water so much we hose him down from all the mud before he goes back inside for his bath time. Now he loves the hose and always wants to be hosed down. So the other day we kept sprinkling him with it as he was running around. Then, we decided to just let him have the hose to see what he does with it. He had a blast and it entertained all three of us for a while.
     The next time you are buying that expensive outdoor toy for your tot remember sometimes it's the good old fashioned basics that are the real fun!


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