Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Running Around Tables

     When you take your toddler somewhere they are unfamiliar in do you stand behind them everywhere they walk? Do you move items out of their way?
        Let's say you are visiting an older relative. It is reasonable to move a few things out of your toddlers reach, such as something your relative treasures and is breakable or drinks or candies that your toddler can get into. After doing a quick look around the room for just a few main things, you go about your visit as your toddler plays. Suddenly your toddler starts running and runs into a coffee table and bumps their head. They are alright, but it stopped the conversation and required a kiss and snuggle. Your toddler goes around and plays and ends up bumping into the table again.

                             DO YOU MOVE THE TABLE?

   Did you know that it is actually more beneficial for you NOT to move the table. I wondered this after having Xavier now walking, running, jumping and climbing and watching other children his age play. Some parents move the table and some do not. I was one who did not move the table. I then, one day thought perhaps I should? Perhaps I should be making places more suitable environments for my son?
     Then, I thought about it, and I realized that I cannot be there to move every table out of his way. The world is full of tables, corners, and rocks to trip you up. However, it is how you navigate through them and how you learn to pick yourself up and keep going that is what is important in this lesson. Also, for toddlers this is a great way to teach them "NO", "STOP" or if they are old enough "Different  houses have different rules" IE- "You can run around our living room, but at Great Aunt Ann's house there is no running inside". Make sure you are clear if you use this as a lesson to your child.
       It is the simple reality that you cannot prepare the world for your children but you can prepare your children for the world.  Children really are these precious beings brought into our lives and we are here to not only learn from them but to fill them with love and security in what is a very uncertain world to them. We can catch them when they fall, but we must gradually pull back our safety net. Similar to when birds teach their young to fly; we too send our young out of our nest and try to watch and help as we can but in the end they make their own decisions and you have to be secure in knowing you taught them and loved them the best they could and hopefully all those lessons and hugs will make for a remarkable human being.
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