Monday, June 9, 2014

10 Activities for When Mom's Sick

     I have been feeling under the weather a lot lately due to some seizure issues we are trying to get ironed out. It is very hard to be sick when you have a toddler. They just are very narcissistic and only care that you get them what they want the moment they want it. Through being sick I have learned different ways to mainly entertain Xavier. It has helped a lot. Here are our favorites!

10 Activities To Do With Your Little One When Mom Is Sick

1) Read Books
 Unless you have a sore throat this is easy and keeps your little one out of trouble. Break out all the story books, picture books, magazines and look at everything together. Don't just read to each other, also point out things as well, it is a great teaching tool that you can do lying down.

2) Puzzles
  Puzzles are great for any age. For us Xavier will dump the pieces on the floor and I can help him put the puzzles together while lying on the couch. This way we are still playing together and you can do this at many ages. Older kids can bring a big board into bed with you to work on the puzzle together.

3) TV/Movie Day
    This is what these boxes were meant for. When it's rainy, or you are sick and you need some entertainment for your kids. Use it guilt free while you are sick. Let your child watch their favorite movie or show and watch it with them and delight in it with them. It will be a lot more bonding for your child if they know you are into the show as well and you can still rest.

4) New Toy
    If you have spare toys hidden away for rainy days or if you know you may be sick (ie- surgery,etc)  bring out a new toy that your child will love and has not seen or played with in a while. It will definitely occupy them for a while.

5) Set Up A Toy
   Have a doll house  you can set up? A racetrack? A railroad? A Castle? Some blocks? Set up something new with your child's toys even mix in some toys together and see what your child does with it all.

6) Play Peek-a-boo under blankets
   Every time Xavier gets grumpy with me for not getting up and playing with him when I am sick I do peek-a-boo and it always makes him smile and laugh without fail. Kids just cannot resist a good game of peek-a-boo!

7) Doctor Play
   Mom being sick is the perfect time for your tot to take out their doctor kit and learn all about taking care of patients. Even making sure mommy's sippy cup is full!

8) Computer Games
  Like television this is one of the times when video games should be allowed. It is a great way to entertain your children when you are unable to, never feel guilty about it. If you have a little one try out they have over 5000 learning games for ages 2-7!

9)  Coloring
 Have some brown packing paper, paper bags or butcher paper? Roll it out on the floor and let the kids go nuts with the crayons. They will enjoy coloring. If you have kids who cannot stay on the paper be sure you have the Crayola Washable Crayons in case they color everywhere. You can even color from your bedside.

10) Blanket Tents
   A fun thing to do is have the kids make a blanket tent around you for the day so you can all hunker down in a fort for the day and have some fun while you are able to rest up.

  Hopefully you will stay healthy and never have to use these but just in case I hope they get you the rest you need so you can get better quickly!

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