Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Get Mom Some Flowers For Mother's Day

    There are very few women I know who do not like flowers. Sure, you will hear us say, "oh they are a waste of money" or "that's not necessary", but deep down we are all softies who have yet to ever turn down a bouquet of flowers.
    Do you know of anyone who said, "no I don't want your flowers?" What most of us women get tired of, is the fact that there are millions of different types of flowers out there and many you can mix to make beautiful bouquets. What we really mean is "Stop, buying us the same flowers!". Yes, I know lilies are my favorite but something like a carnation or orchid mixed in once in a while would be nice or a whole bouquet of roses! So be sure to get mom something different and special not just anything you picked up.
     One of our sponsors for this month is TheBouqs.com which I recently did a review of and they received 4 Stars! Check them out because right now they have free shipping in the continental United States and new customers get 15% off.  Be sure to click the link below, to be sure mom gets them on time.

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