Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun Outside with Little Tikes


      Summer is just about here, and for the most part we are acting as if it is. We are spending as much time outside soaking up the sunshine as we can. Even though there are so many things in our back yard that Xavier loves to play with including toys and nature items, such as sticks and rocks it is always nice to have some thing that will occupy his time in the yard for a while so we can sit on the porch and enjoy watching him. I have found two such wonderful inventions.

     Some good friends of ours have the Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Pirate Ship. I love this and so does Xavier. It is just the right height.  I have seen kids from ages one to five playing with this ship. It is all water. Once you fill it up the kids can play with boats, slides, characters, cannons and even a giant spout in the middle to make splashes. It will definitely get your kid wet, but it's great for right after dinner, but before bath and bedtime. Plus, it's much better than a sandbox with all the sand you have to clean up.

     We also were able to get the Kids Mountain Climber Slide Playground Little Tikes Safe Endless Adventures. It is a little harder than some toddler toys for Xavier but he loves it! It has a cute fort underneath for the kids to hide. A three way adjustable rock climber, a rope ladder, regular ladder, telescope and slide. It is a great and versatile toy and definitely something Xavier will grow in to. As I have seen older kids enjoy it as well.

     I think what I love best about these pieces are they are plastic so they are easy to clean and move and with toddlers that is what you are always doing, moving and cleaning! Be sure to get some fun in the sun this summer and make sure your little ones have some fun new things to play with and enjoy as well as maybe give you some relax time!

You can buy
Kids Mountain Climber Slide Playground Little Tikes Safe Endless Adventures 
for $395.99 at Target.

You can also buy
Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Pirate Ship for $71.99 at ToysRUS. 

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