Monday, May 19, 2014

Egg Shapes


    Since Nick has been working at home a lot more often he usually works the second shift which we find works best for us for the most part. So he usually makes breakfast for Xavier and I every morning.
     As a two year old Xavier is not very picky, but he would be happier with more variety of foods and such. As many of you know toddlers are picky eaters. One day they may love something and the next day they may hate that same something.
    I never let this deter me from my efforts to make Xavier a great eater. (By the way so far so good). I think I have figured out a toddler secret (or I have just seen enough moms of toddlers do this that I figured there must be something to it). I could not believe that I was missing it and it was right in front of me all along.
        All my love of cooking I have been so careful to feed Xavier what we eat. We barely did much baby food as you can see from my recipe section I did not have to make much of it, because real adult food seemed to do the trick for Xavier.
   However, lately he is getting bored with the same things and sometimes I just cannot always be creative in the kitchen. I have learned though that with a toddler presentation is everything! Imagine your toddler a king or queen and you have to present a meal to them that they approve of. They do not know what all the food is so it better look good. After learning how to make fun sections on Xavier's plate for him like spreading it around the sides and making piles of pretzels I was disappointed to see that like everything with a toddler it was short lived and I had to think of something else. Toddlers definitely keep you on your toes.
     While at the mall this past weekend we went into a kitchen store to look at things and Nick found egg shapers in fun shapes, not just the usual circle, but a butterfly, flower and teddy bear as well. They were only around $3 for all three of them, the circle was separate as that is what you usually use. We got them all.

      Nick tried making Xavier an egg teddy bear and it came out great. It is for one egg, and it helps to pour a little in first and let that really cook before pouring the rest in otherwise it may leak out the sides. It took longer to cook, but was firmer and at least I knew Xavier's egg was cooked well. We added some raisins for eyes and a craisin for the nose and pieces of honey toast and Xavier loved it! He was really excited.

     Remember presentation is everything! Get creative in the kitchen and you may even get a round of applause from your toddler.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great start to the week!

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