Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Aftermath

 We are starting off April and so far it has been very quiet. Compared to our month of parties in March we are only simply celebrating Easter in April so hopefully some of the chaos will slowly slip away.
     I do love when Xavier gets new toys and things. It is so wonderful to watch him play with them. What things he learns faster than others, how he figures out what to do with each toy really makes me in awe of how wonderfully smart, funny and sweet my new two year old is. Right now we are making sure to keep our tool toys separated from the doctor kit otherwise he may come at your arm with a toy chainsaw thinking it is the doctor cast.
     It certainly has been entertaining. We have been having some beautiful days here so we have been soaking in all the new Spring weather so that we will be able to soak in all that new energy and bring it into our lives. After we finish recovering from March that is.

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