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Sponsor Review and Giveaway: Subtech Dryskin

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by Bayleaf Communications Inc.  and received a gift to thank me for my time. All views and opinions with regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced nor reviewed by the company prior to posting. I am disclosing this according to the FTC guidelines.

    When you are a parent you are constantly introduced to new items for your child. New toys, new clothes, new foods and majority of it is all for them. While you furnish your children with whatever you can afford you tend to forget about your own items. You need to make your pants stretch a little longer until you can get some new clothes or you have to save those sneakers just a little longer to afford new ones. What about your electronic devices? They tend to always be by the wayside on our priority list, yet, how often do you use yours? How often is it in an almost detrimental catastrophe?

      One of my jobs when I was younger was working in an electronic store. A few actually. Let me tell you the things people do to their electronic devices on a regular basis. Phones are the worst always dropped in the sink, toilet (yes that is extremely common, ew), fell in a pool, got ruined at the beach, spilled your drink all over it and even one girl dropped her phone into her cereal bowl. So when I was asked to test out the Subtech Dryskin I was more than willing to try it out as I knew first hand what can happen to electronics and I have found that since having a toddler my electronics are ending up in a lot more detrimental positions than normal. However, with all that in my mind, my biggest reason for taking this was THE BEACH!!!!

     Subtech Sports has finally designed a Subtech Dryskin that you can put your phone in and it is completely safe! I know this was a big deal for me as we like to have our phone at the beach mainly for pictures or an emergency, but I hate carrying it for fear of it being damaged. Well, we have no reason to not to spend time at the beach this season. I love the Subtech Dryskin! I could not believe how well it works. After doing a little research on Subtech Sports I was not surprised how well it works. Clearly they put their products to the test feel free to check out their websites for videos of how their items protect your electronics.
    Subtech Sports advertises that they take adventure, freedom and fun to a whole new level with 100% water and shock proof solutions for mobile devices. I was also very impressed that they offer free shipping worldwide, which is something that is hard to find from internet products.

    I tested out the Subtech Dryskin for Iphone 4/4S as that is the phone that I have. However, the dryskin is also available for the Iphone 5, Galaxy SII, Ipad, Blackberry Bold, Ipad 2 and they have other products to protect different electronics as well as these dryskins. The Subtech Dryskin is 100% waterproof and is from the slim-fit product line for smartphones and Tablet PC's so water is never an issue. The Subtech Dryskin allows you to take underwater photos and videos when out on your adventures. It is 100% water, dirt, sand and snow proof.

   The Subtech Dryskin was very easy to figure out and put on. The directions are right on the back of the package. You get two skins and six labels so you can reuse the skins, plus it also gives you a water test indicator to put on your phone so you know if it ever does get wet. That stays on your phone permanently. What I liked about the Subtech Dryskin was how easy it is to put on and take it off. You do not have to use it all the time just for your "adventures" as they refer to it. We put it on and put my phone under running water for a while and even used the phone and it was perfectly fine and I had no problems using the touch screen. I have to admit we are definitely going to put our phones in a dryskin the next time we go to the beach.

    The Subtech Dryskin is not a case you would use everyday but is great on vacations, or with some of your devices that the family may use. When you use the Subtech Dryskin you do not have use of the headphone jack as everything is sealed. You cannot put your phone in another case with the Subtech Dryskin on. So remember when using a Subtech Dryskin you have no protection from breakage if you drop your phone or something hard lands on it your Subtech Dryskin cannot protect your phone from that. Also, you can use the phone but the sound quality is not as great it kind of sounds distorte. Although I did not find it to be that bad or an issue as I would not need sound at the beach much anyway. On their website they offer some solutions for using sound while having the Subtech Dryskin on your phone, they recommend things such as making sure the seam does not cover the microphone/speaker, use your phone on speaker or use a bluetooth headset device.
     I think that for the small price of $24.95 ($29.95 for Ipad 2) Subtech Dryskins are well worth their investment for saving your electronics and also letting you use them everywhere without the worry about them getting ruined.

You can purchase a Subtech Dryskin or check out their other electronic protectors at
- they offer free shipping worldwide

Enter to win a Subtech Dryskin for Iphone 4/4S! Open to US Residents only raffle ends Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 8:00AM EST.

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