Thursday, April 17, 2014

Shopping Online for Vintage or Hand Me Down Clothing

 There is a new movement that has been going around lately in the world of clothing. People are reusing other people's clothing without the "gross" stigma attached to it. Women everywhere now have swap parties where they all bring their own clothes, shoes and accessories and each take what they want or sometimes buy (for very cheap) the items that they want.
    Lots of consignment and second hand stores are everywhere especially for children. You can drop off your stuff and buy new stuff and many give you credits for both.
    Lately I have noticed more and more of these places even online. Most of the time the online stores are vintage or high end fashion that is gently used and marked down. I have had the luxury to be able to check out many different sites with coupons and etc. I wanted to let you all in on a couple of my favorites.

If you are looking for designer children's clothes;
  I recommend a wonderful site called they are a consignment shop where they advertise "Sweet Selection, Prices that Don't Sting". (Adorable slogan) They have some high name brands like Ralph Lauren, Nike, E. Land, Gymboree, Old Navy, Gap, Tea Collection and many others. They have something for all kids. Clothing ranges from $7.00 to around $15.00. However, I have always found their prices reasonable and they frequently have sales and specials for extra discounts. Their shipping is very fast and reliable. The clothing is in pristine condition and looks brand new. They not only offer clothing, but winter clothing, swimwear, costumes and hats and scarves. Their sizes are from newborn to big kid 14. Check them out the next time you are in the market for some children's clothing!

If you are looking for Adult Women's Clothes:
    I recommend checking out They are a great high end vintage online shop. There are tons of varieties of styles and you can even search for clothing by decades. They even have accessories such as hats, jewelry, shoes and handbags. Most of the items although vintage are new or in like new condition. They have a wide array of brands such as Prada, Dolce and Gabbana and Louis Vuitton. They also have a wide array of prices to suit any budget. The next time you are in the market for some new clothing I highly recommend checking them out!

One drawback that I should mention if you start to embark on the online consignment buying. You need to check the websites at least weekly. As they get new shipments constantly. Sizes and styles can be hard to find. Typically, I do what I like to call "browse shopping" where I have a few items we may need like shirts and look through those for a good style and size that they may have, if I do not find anything I check back next week! You will be surprised what you can find! Happy Hunting!

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