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Review: Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner

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I love the plastic cover to protect it. It is on the back also. Helps to keep it neat and spills wipe right off of it!
        When you become a parent it is very hard to conceive having to plan out everything. Especially if you work, your spouse works, and if you have many children. The task can be daunting. You basically just trudge through your days dragging from one thing to the next.
      What happened to goals you had for yourself? What was that big project you wanted to get done on the house this year with your family? What is it you would like most for your family to accomplish this year? What would you like to accomplish this year? What can you improve on?
     These are all questions that we should be asking ourselves all the time. We should not just trudge through life. We should not simply tread water to keep our heads afloat. We should LIVE! In order to live with a family and jobs and responsibilities you need some type of organization.
    I personally am super organized. Especially professionally.  I try to do the same in our house. I started an organization center that is working well for us with our new transition with Nick working home and all of us being home all day together. It is working well and I thought things were going great. That was until I was able to test out the Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner!

    I never realized how much of my life is being bombarded with trivial tasks and how as soon as I have down time I cannot remember anything that I wanted to accomplish. Plus, you forget where you left off. The Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner is perfect for moms who are not very organized or who, like me, want to be able to expand upon just doing everyday tasks and meet some higher goals.

Your yearly goal section you can even put them in order of importance. 

      I loved that this planner has a special section for Goals. You list out each individual goal you would like to accomplish this year. Then you break down what you have to do to accomplish it and then you break it down even farther to say what you are going to do each month to accomplish it and you can schedule it in your weekly planner. Along with all your other tasks. The goals really are intensive. They have sections for professional and personal. There is even resources and ideas to help you start on the right foot. The planner is great it has a yearly, monthly and weekly planner. Plus, the weekly planner is broken up into days and times so you can write in all your appointments.

You write one goal and the steps to achieve it and map it out during the year. 

There are places for personal, professional and family goals.

What action are you taking to achieve your goals?

Monthly calendar to map out your goal steps.

Tips and tricks to keep you focused.

Reflection space so you can see what needs improving.
      The Tools4Wisdom Planners motto is to inspire you to follow the calling of your heart. That is something I think that many people miss by running on the everyday hamster wheel of life. This planner helps you keep track of what is really important as well as the hamster wheel tasks of just general life. The Tools4Wisdom Planner is a spiral bound weekly Mom Planner that features; a 2014 calendar, Yearly and Monthly Goal Sections, Mommy oriented Weekly Planning Sections, Journal Pages, 1 year of unconditional money-back guarantee, 12 goal setting pages, 12 months weekly planner with 2 page month goals, 2 page month calendars, and 2 page week planner.

The Planner section of the Mommy Planner!

A monthly priority list, here is where you mix your professional, personal, family goals along with things that you are doing this month.

You can specify objectives for each month.

This is a month calendar.

This is your weekly planner. I keep this page always open to the week we are on. Notice the small lines are time slots for each day. The bottom is Mom, Dad, Kids, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Notes sections.

Reflection pages for end of the month as well as journal pages in the back of the planner!
       First of all I thought it was nice to have a hard bound notebook for a change. I do get tired of all the electronic calendars and alerts that go off. They do not help me to sometimes see the bigger picture which this planner did. I noticed a difference in our life the first month of using it. We were able to streamline our time much better and I was able to focus on my goals by meeting the small scheduled tasks that are steps to accomplish my goal. I also like that in the weekly planner it had times for appointments as well as sections for Mom, Dad and Kids and a meal planner. Also, you are continually reminded of goals on your weekly planner both personal and family related goals.
     It is wonderful to really streamline and I highly recommend doing this. In fact, it is a great thing to do to start off the new year. Instead of resolutions, make some goals and write them down step by step in this planner and get them done this year. The only down side I have to this planner is also my upside. I enjoy the paper and the spiral bound notebook rather than all the digital. However, I can see how some may prefer a digital planner. Especially since initially filling it out can seem very daunting and like a long homework assignment.  So it would be nice if Tools4Wisdom came up with a digital copy or even a miniature copy you could carry with you since it is too big for a purse. I just left it at home and referred to it as needed.  I am hard on spiral bound notebooks and usually prefer bound notebooks or three ring binders but I will admit this is spiral bound very well, as I had no breakage in the binding and no pages falling out or ripping.
        As  you read in yesterday's post Next Generation Stay At Home Mom now does Five Star Rating Reviews! Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner is a great tool for any parent or household. Also, if you do not have children or live by yourself the company Tools4Wisdom offers many other types of planners that are similar but suited for your lifestyle. As a great mommy planner and advocate I highly recommend this tool. It will help you to clear away the water you are treading and start swimming towards goals and things you would like to do!

Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner receives 4 stars from Next Generation Stay At Home Mom!

Tools4Wisdom 2014 Mommy Planner sells for $ 21.95 on Amazon
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