Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Choo Choo Train 3D Shaped Cake Pan Set

   Growing up my mom always made birthdays special for us by making us our favorite meal and cake. I tried to make what, in our opinion, is Xavier's meal for his birthday and since we do not know his favorite type of cake yet, I stuck more to trying to make one that he would love and find delight in. So since his theme this year was Choo Choo Xavier Is Two I figured I had to find a way to bake a train cake.

     I will admit I am a good cook, but baking is definitely not my specialty. Do not get me wrong I have a few knock your taste buds for a whirl baking recipes under my belt but I mainly stick to them and try not to stray from those. However, having a child challenges you in so many different ways. I figured the best thing, was presentation because it is for a two year old. I was so excited to find the wonderful website and they had a ton of things that I got for his Choo Choo Xavier Is Two birthday party such as favors, table cloths, lights, decorations and of course the Choo Choo Train 3D Shaped Cake Pan Set.

     Since I did all the cooking this year (Check out my recipe for Pastina With Peas and Carrots) my husband volunteered to make the train cake. (Secretly, he loves trains just as much as Xavier). He can cook and bake but definitely he is still an average baker so this pan worked fantastic for us. It was extremely easy to use. It did require two boxes of batter if you do not make the cake from scratch and they do recommend you use a tough type of cake like a pound cake. We decided to make Xavier's cake vanilla pound cake and used vanilla blue frosting.

Be sure to grease the pan with a pastry brush so you get all the indentations.

      The direction sheet that comes with this pan is great it is very easy to follow and they will even tell you how to make your own icing and decorate your cake exactly like the picture. Also, if you lose the sheet you can find the directions on the website.

Be sure to cut away any excess that comes out of the pan.

               We are not great at frosting or piping frosting so we went for the simple approach and used pound cake out of a box, frosting out of a can and M & M's and marshmallows to decorate the cake. All in all it looked and tasted great! We were extremely pleasantly surprised and no one was happier than our little now, two year old!

    I highly recommend this site if you are throwing a train,  locomotive or car type birthday party they have great items at great prices. The Choo Choo Train 3D Shaped Pan Set makes stand-up cakes easy to bake and decorate. The two-piece locomotive shaped aluminum pan snaps together to create a cake 10x6x4 inches deep and it take six cups of batter. The pan is made by Wilton which has been the industry leader in cake decorating, quality bakeware and food crafting.

You can purchase a Choo Choo Train 3D Shaped Pan Set for $15.49 and any other locomotive party items that you may want from

   No products,compensation or services were given to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

Xavier loved his train birthday cake!

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