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Review: The Bouqs

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by TheBouqs and will receive a free sample of the products to review and to thank me for my time. All views and opinions with regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting.

    I love the springtime and especially after the harsh winter I think we all experienced no matter where you live in the country I am appreciating it more this year. We spend more time outside,we garden and do a lot of outdoor activities. I was disappointed that due to the bad winter many of our plants did not make it. Some were too big to move or were planted and we just could not protect them from the frost. One of our plants was our rose bush.
      My husband always tends it and brings me long stem roses from it. I look forward to it every year and I was bummed to not get any this year. So when I got asked if I would write a review for a flower company I was more than excited to at least be able to have some beautiful fresh flowers in the house. To me nothing is better than having a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table. They just beckon to be smelled, and it entices you to go outside and spend time in nature.

     I was proud to work with TheBouqs company, their motto is "fresh, easy, beautiful". All of their flowers come straight from a volcano 10,000ft. above sea level. Due to the equatorial sun around the volcano it amounts to the flowers having much brighter colors than most varieties. TheBouqs flower company cuts their flowers when you order them so that no stems are wasted and they are an eco-friendly, sustainable farm. When you order from TheBouqs you can get your flowers within five days after they are cut unlike most flower companies where you get them fourteen days after they are cut. The Bouqs Company is also  a wonderful company to work for, their farms provide, healthcare, living wages, childcare and adult education to their workers.
      I got to pick out my own bouquet. You can see they really only run in three prices for the most part they are $40, $50 and $60 dollars. I was able to pick any $40 bouquet. I ordered mine on April 10th hoping they would last until Easter and they would look nice. I was unsure what to order so instead I choose the option "Just Make It Awesome". Precisely, on the morning of April 10th I received via FedEx a delivery of flowers. They come in a box with the directions on the outside.

Once open the bouquet is wrapped in cardboard and the powder packet that you put in the water is wrapped on the outside.

 They have a standard typed out card.

The flowers were regular set up, room temperature water, mix, cut one inch of stems off and change water after five days. They lasted until yesterday April 22nd. They even looked fabulous for Easter.
     I admit at first I was not impressed. As I do not like boxed flowers, the whole presentation just stinks and takes some of the fun out of getting a bouquet of flowers. Although I realize I must get with the times and if you order flowers online they must come in boxes, but it would be nice if online flower companies would work on their packaging.

Bouquet fresh out of the box.

              The flowers from TheBouqs were a large bouquet of large size, pink roses. They were very beautiful, much like I have never seen before. The coloring on them was exquisite; the way the delicate pink faded into the darker pink around the rim of each rose caught my attention for hours.

This is the same bouquet a week into having it. 

The bouquet lasted twelve days. They even still looked pretty drooping. 

After about three days they really perked up and bloomed and looked incredibe and were such a bright display of beauty and happiness in our house. Xavier even enjoyed smelling them everyday when he would eat at the table.
       I would definitely, order from TheBouqs Company again for flowers. Their arrangements are exquisite and unique. They also offer free shipping anywhere in the United States all the time. They are offering 15% off your first order now. They also even offer a concierge service that you can set up flower arrangements to be delivered on certain dates to certain people. So you have no reason to forget Mother's Day this year!
      This Next Generation Stay At Home Mom rates TheBouqs Company and Flowers with Four Stars!

                                                See more about star ratings here

To order from TheBouqs company visit their website at also check them out their Facebook or Twitter pages!

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