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Baby CPR Step By Step Approach

    Periodically I always like to make sure I post safety items for new parents and those of us who just forget along the way. The safety standards are constantly changing for parents and the things of what to do and do not do with your infant are endless. However, there is always tons of advice online and at your doctors office. Feel free to always ask questions and do your research. One thing everyone needs to at least know is Baby CPR it can save a life! I did do a post about Infant Choking and CPR with the Red Cross instructions and pictures, however, today's post is more of a step by step and I find it easier to follow if you are not familiar with CPR or especially CPR.  If you are looking for other safety tips check out The Mom Area tab and look through the References and Resources posts for information on child proofing, debunking old wives tales and other safety hazards that may be in your home! The best way to stop an accident from happening is prevention and knowing how to react in a difficult situation. I hope this helps at least one parent out there and I have done my job as a blogger and fellow parent!


- Check for responsiveness
If your baby is not responding to your voice or touch flick the bottom of his/her foot, if no response move to step 2

- Call for Help
Ask the person nearest to you to call 911 immediately. If you are alone , do two minutes of CPR on your baby before calling 911, it's important not to let your baby go long without oxygen

- Open the airway
Place  your baby on a hard surface. Then, place one hand on baby's forehead and tilt his head to a neutral position while pulling the bony part of his chin with two or three fingers of your other hand. Position your head just over baby's nose and mouth and look down toward his chest. Look, listen and feel for baby's breath. If you don't hear or feel it or see baby's chest rise, go to step 4.

- If Baby's Choking, give two breaths
If you're certain baby isn't choking, skip rescue breaths and start chest compressions. Otherwise, place your mouth over baby's nose and mouth and give two gentle breaths to clear the airway. Watch for baby's chest to rise. If it does not rise, re-tilt baby's head and give another rescue breath. If nothing, move to step 5.

- Start Chest Compressions
Keep one hand on baby's forehead to keep the airway open. Slide two or three fingers to the middle of baby's chest, just beneath his nipple line. Give 30 fast and firm chest compressions. Aim for at least 100 compressions per minute and push baby's chest down about an inch and a half deep. Tip: Sing the Bee Gees song "Stayin' Alive"- it moves at about 104 beats per minute. After 30 compressions, give 2 rescue breaths.

- Keep Going!
Alternate 30 chest compressions, 2 breaths; 30 compressions, 2 breaths. Don't stop CPR until you see an obvious sign that baby has responded, such as breathing or moving. Keep going until baby improves, medical help arrives, you're too exhausted to continue or the scene becomes unsafe

- Brush Up On The Basics
Read this over and review it at least every three months; that's about the time frame in which people start to forget what they learned about infant CPR

Please note: These instructions do not replace taking a class. There are many local infant CPR courses call your local hospital for information on upcoming classes.

Source: The Bump.com and RedCross.org

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