Monday, March 3, 2014

Springing Into March

  March has not been here very long but it has already been a very busy couple of days. I am happy to say that we have survived The Stomach Bug and are now a healthy household again which is wonderful when you are a parent as it may not happen all that often. The weather here was nice and warm and welcoming.
    Today I took Xavier out with his two friends to the playground and it felt so wonderful like emerging from a cocoon.  We finally made it through the winter and always our difficult months of the year and are back to conquer the springtime with vigor!

     March is a slammed month for us as it is Nick's birthday and Xavier's birthday as well so this mom is quickly learning to be a party planner. Thank goodness there is Pinterest, I have no idea what I would do without them. They definitely help with the planning. I think that is why I enjoyed today so much. I liked that we really got a chance to start the month off enjoying nature and all the wonders of it. It really helps you relax and connect with family and friends.

I hope it is nice where ever you are and you are out enjoying nature to start your month off in the right direction!

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