Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letters and Lunch

    Xavier has known his alphabet for some time now. We got him an alphabet puzzle and books and he can point out all the letters to you. He cannot say the actual word of each letter though. Although he does know sounds which I find odd. His favorite letter that he can say is "O", but he also can say A, T and S. So I have been trying to find different ways to get him to say words instead of pointing at things and nodding or using the Baby Sign Language I taught him.
    He is slowly saying more and more each day but I still try to teach him. I do not like to push him but I like to make sure he is getting the stimulus he needs to develop the skills that he needs right now.

   The other day I was waiting for Xavier to finish his lunch (toddlers can take forever to eat, I had already eaten and cleaned up from making it) and I decided to try some letters with lunch. I got out his alphabet puzzle and spelled out "S-O-U-P" and said "soup" and said each letter to him like you would if you were in a spelling bee. He loved it and thought it was so much fun and he now knows the word "soup" although he cannot spell it, he can say it!

    This also worked when later he swiped the letters off the table and left the U and P and I said "the S and O are down the U and P are up" and it was yet another teaching moment.
      You obviously cannot do it all the time, nor would I like to do it everyday, but on some days when you are out of ideas, in a bad mood, or just need something new, try making words out of meal times.

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