Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Xavier!

Every year I write a birthday letter to my son Xavier. If you missed last year's you can read it here (Happy 1st Birthday Xavier), this is this year's letter. Happy Birthday Xavier!

Dear Xavier,
   Happy Birthday! We are so proud of the wonderfully, funny, smart, sweet and caring toddler you have become this year. You do not speak completely yet, but we have come to mutual understandings with each other.
    Thank you for the love, joy and affection you unconditionally give us everyday. Thank you for the kisses, hugs, high fives, fist bumps, squeals of laughter and for turning to us in your time of need. You have brought so much love, peace, laughter and harmony into our home this year.
    Every day you are different. Every day you learn something new. We love watching and teaching you. Seeing you master putting a train track together, or a  puzzle together or paint a picture, brings us such joy, and we thank you so very much for that.
     You are also so very sweet. You love animals especially, dogs, cats, owls, eagles, monkeys and elephants. You are very helpful, you always help me with the laundry and Dad with whatever Dad decides to give you to do. You and him are a pair. Wherever he goes, you go. I cherish my time in the day with you. I love playing games together, reading books and playing outside with you.
     We adore the personality that you are getting. The expressions that you make on your face everyday make us laugh. We love your sense of style which can consist of a crooked baseball cap or sunglasses up on your head. We even love it more when you check out the outfit you put together in our big mirrors and see how you look.
        You always make me laugh when you see people with cameras out taking pictures and you instantly pose. However, I think our favorite part of your personality is your musical fun. You love to dance, sing and play your drums. You carry around toys that play music all day long and you try to get as many going at once to hear all the sounds. Sure you drive us a little crazy, but it makes us laugh, because it makes you happy.
      We are so glad and thankful that you gave us such an amazing second year of your life. From the horrid stomach bug we all survived to the moment you started eating with a fork and napkin we have treasured every second and will continue to treasure every second we have with you for the rest of our lives.
      We hope this next year brings you health and happiness to our little man, Xavier!

Don't forget tomorrow is World Epilepsy Day, remember to wear purple in support of those you love with epilepsy and to spread awareness. Feel free to check out my epilepsy posts on the tab!

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