Tuesday, March 11, 2014


  After our festive partying for Nick's 50th birthday it was nice to take some time and just breathe. The weather here has been gorgeous and in the sixties and seventies so we have been taking full advantage. A great thing I learned with having a child (and husband) with a birthday in March it forces you to do your spring cleaning early. Our house is spotless and our porch is ready for some partying all spring, summer, and fall long.
    One of my favorite things in the south is that we can play outside on our porch more often. We are working on trying to get more outside toys for Xavier, although they are so very expensive and hard to find as hand me downs, so it may take a while.

    In the meantime we are enjoying the sunshine and the quiet. Nick and I are buckling down on our work for a couple weeks before we jump in and throw another birthday party for our little man who will be two! We are so excited, but with every excitement comes a pang of "my little baby is growing up". However, I know with every growth is a new development and so far they keep getting better and better.

 I hope you all have a wonderful week of sunshine and relaxation!

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  1. The weather is so lovely. Really good time for partying. :)



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