Monday, March 10, 2014

1920s Speakeasy 50th Birthday Party!

The beautiful ladies of the evening!

 I confess to being a little slack on the blog the last couple of days, but as you have read in my previous posts the month of March is a very busy month for us. Nick had his 50th birthday last week and Xavier is turning two on the end of March. Needless to say this stay at home mom/writer is learning how to be crafty and throw two birthday parties on a tight budget with both of them home with me all day distracting me.

Nick and I 1920s style

      This past weekend we had a 1920s Speakeasy 50th Birthday Party for Nick. Mainly, because Nick and I enjoy that era and he said for his birthday all he wanted to do was hang out with his friends and drink and smoke. Since their wives had to endure the same, we decided to make a theme of it and my spectacular friend Katie who is very crafty (Krafty Katie?) helped with all the decorations and helped to get my vision the way I wanted Nick to see it. We set up the house in a few sections, there were silent movies playing on the tv, 1920s music playing outside and inside, gambling tables, a food table, a bar and outside on our patio and porch we had a smoking lounge with real and chocolate cigars and cigarettes.

The birthday boy

         Don't worry we all hired a great babysitter for the night so the kids were away and asleep while we were all safe partying the night away and celebrating Nick's wonderful life! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Special thanks to all our friends who came and helped out by making food or cleaning up and to Katie for her vision and decorating skills. Also thanks to you all for dressing up and taking great photos!

The totally awesome smoke tray!

Tips for 1920s Speakeasy Party
-This is a great party to throw as essentially in this era they turned their houses into mini bars as alcohol was illegal. Therefore, when it comes to decor, try as authentic as possible. We used vintage tea cups to drink out of, vintage dice and roulette sets, as well as some old brands of candy cigars and cigarettes and fun props to play with. A big hit was the fake cigarettes and the tea cups!
- We did a make your own bar, which went over really well. We lined everything up and had fruit such as lemons and limes sliced and wrote out drink recipes on cards so people could see how to make them. We picked the Old Fashioned and the Gin and Tonic as our signature drinks and people were able to make them as well as other drinks.
- Spiked punch was big back then as well, instead I made a good non alcoholic punch that was easy to spike if they want to (Read: Dirt Cake and Punch)
- Since it's drinking and smoking, drinks are very heavy from the 1920s you need appetizers that are kind of heavy, a big hit were pinwheels, jalapeno pimiento cheese sandwiches on pumpernickel bread, spinach and artichoke dip as well as your usual dips and treats.
- For dessert Nick's favorite was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that I made thanks to Duncan Hines, they had a package of real carrots and raisins in it and everything. I got lots of compliments on it. I usually do cakes from scratch but I did not have the time as carrot cakes are demanding so I'm glad this Duncan Hines alternative worked out so well.  I also made some miniature pineapple upside down cakes which were amazing and I will definitely have to make again soon! Perhaps you will see them on the blog.

The Gaming area and bar leading out to the Smoking Lounge

Our entrance way

Vintage Roulette

Vintage dice for craps

Katie's crafy work of art for Nick!

I tried the sparkler candles they did not sparkle but at least they lit!

Playing Happy Birthday for my husband!

Happy Birthday Nick!

 Hope these add some fun to your day or inspiration for your next party. Enjoy!

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