Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Teenage Two Year Old

  It is amazing to see that as Xavier grows up all he wants is attention from Nick and I. He will take it anyway he can get it. I make a point to endlessly give good attention and support. Usually punishments are when I quickly withhold attention for Xavier for a minute or so until something breaks the silence or we move on.
      Yesterday, I was not feeling very well. Xavier was a really good boy all day. Right before bedtime he was watching Dora and started to get cranky. Due to the fact that I hurt my back from a seizure I had the night before ( Read, I Am A Face of Epilepsy), I was waiting for Nick to finish work to give Xavier a bath and put him to bed for me. Xavier being cranky and apparently not happy with Dora at the moment, started throwing books just on the floor. When I said "Xavier NO! We do not throw books" he pouted, and laid down next to his pull out couch on the floor.

The first original pout!

     He is already sulking like a teenager I thought to myself and I had to take a picture. I mean really my child's first little tiff of attitude! However, as soon as he noticed I was taking pictures of him he was all too excited to pose.

Are you taking my picture?

 As you can see from the pictures he gets onto his sofa and even watches television like he is supposed to. When I finished the pictures he wanted me to take them some more but I said no more and he seemed to cool down and "chilled" the rest of the evening.
    I suppose I now have a teenage almost two year old! What am I in for next week?

Posing for the camera!

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