Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Stomach Bug


My poor sick little man!

      We had a fun weekend of literally one day of an up and one day of a down. Saturday I hosted our Disney Side Party (read all about that tomorrow) and then Sunday Xavier came down with what we now know as a stomach bug. UGH!
      The night of the party which was Saturday night he was very clingy and warm and didn't seem to feel well. We just figured he "partied too hard". However, we were very, very wrong. Nick was working a late shift and came in at around 2am to a smell that he had never smelt before. He looked all around the house wondering which pet (dog and two cats) had pooped, puked or brought a dead carcass into the house and finally ended up realizing that smell was coming from our son. I then woke up two hours later to Xavier puking. Which then we both woke up to another blowout all over the crib, following by one on the couch, another in the crib, two on the go but caught just in time only needed a wardrobe change we have definitely been getting our exercise.
    You see when an adult gets a stomach bug they know when to go to the bathroom and how long to sit there and that they should rest all day. When a toddler has a stomach bug you have no idea when you will be stricken down with diarrhea overload or puking, plus he insists on playing and being his normal joyful self running around the house. Needless to say our house is covered in sheets. I am doing load after load of laundry. They are all blending together and I am having to dig down to the bottom of my pajama drawer to find old enough clothes to wear that I do not care what happens to them.
    The good thing is so far I have survived the bug, Nick was the first, Xavier was the second and hopefully it will be gone and defeated by Renee the Stomach Bug Repeller!

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