Friday, February 7, 2014

The Less Burnt Bagel

 Nick and I have a saying in our house. We each would give each other the least burnt of two bagels.
 We met working together. We would take turns making bagels for each other in an awful toaster that always burnt whatever was put in it. One day we both realized that while making up the bagels we would give the other person the bagel that has the least burnt pieces. We still do that. I think when you love someone you are willing to share or sacrifice simply to make their life better.
    Today, Xavier was eating dinner and he was really enjoying his broccoli. (I know I have a weird kid that actually loves vegetables!). He kept eating it and going "MMMMMM" over and over. He was taking his slow time eating every tiny morsel on his spoon that took him minute by minute just to get onto the spoon. Then, he grabbed a big stalk of broccoli and said "MOM" and I said "yes Xavier?" to which he replied " La La" and pointed to our dog Vito. "La La" is what Xavier calls Vito. He wanted to give Vito a piece of his broccoli. To which I said "No it will make Vito sick". (Vito has a sensitive stomach). Xavier pouted and looked down on his plate. I went over and took a piece of chicken and said he could give that to Vito, but he just sadly looked at his broccoli and ate it as it was his last big, beautiful piece and he had saved it for his best buddy, Vito (our black lab).
     After dinner I watched as he played and snuggled and pet Vito. They are best buds and he was willing to give Vito the less burnt and beautiful last piece of yummy broccoli he had. I think we have done something right as parents.

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