Thursday, February 6, 2014

Magic Water


     I have to admit that I really love having a toddler. They say they are the terrible twos and that we are about to hit them and it certainly has not been smooth sailing but it definitely has been a ride and has been a fun one.
     Up until now (Xavier is now 22 months old) has only ever drank water and milk. Recently, I started introducing him to juices. I usually get the Juicy Juice as I like that it is 100% natural. I pour a little bit in with his water and mix it to give it to Xavier.  I have been doing this more and more the last several months. He did not seem to even notice other than once in a while he was really "thirsty". Then, the other day he noticed it.
       We were sitting at the lunch table and he looked at his cup and pointed to it and did his hand sign (Read Post Baby Sign Language) for water and a shrug of his shoulder to ask if it was water. "Yes" I said calmly trying not to laugh "It is water!" and I even did the hand signal back to him.
               I go back to eating and he starts drinking from his cup. Xavier puts his cup down looks at me and says "mom" and I said "yes?" and he pointed to his cup and did the hand sign for water and the little shoulder shrug; asking me if it was water? I could not completely lie to him. I want him to know when something is wrong. Yet, I did not want him to have another option for drinks. I already have him demanding milk and water constantly I did not want him demanding juice as well. It would just end in more fights and tantrums and me on the floor kicking and screaming. So I told him it was "Magic Water"! Sometimes our water has other flavors of fruit in it and sometimes it doesn't. We just drink it because we know that something good will happen soon enough. We keep on enjoying the plain old water and be thankful for it and we will then get more magic water the older and more thankful we get.

I hope you get some "Magic Water" today!

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