Friday, February 21, 2014

Hair Cut Fun

   We have finally perfected the haircut problem with Xavier. After a few months of friends and I cutting his hair. We took him to a Kwik Kuts to get his hair cut. He did great. He loved the lollipop which helped to keep him still.

The before hair cut shot!

Reading a magazine while waiting his turn.

He did so good!
      A tip for parents be careful of the lollipop, Xavier was sucking so hard on it that the stick broke in his mouth with a little candy on it and if he swallowed it he would have choked. We knew this was a possibility so we watched him very closely and the second the stick dropped we opened his mouth to get whatever was left. Thus, upsetting him and making him cry and finishing the hair cutting process. However, he sat still for a good ten minutes to get a cute cut. I hope it brightens your Friday and that you all have a great weekend!

Keeping an eye on his lollipop!

The finished hair cut!

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